Interview Tristan Zhou

It’s very hard to categorize my work, but I always try to shoot something both cinematic and storytelling. After two years of studying photography, I transferred my major to filmmaking. When I graduated from college, I started working. Since I have a filmmaking background, I’m not just focused on the visuals of a photo. What happens in the picture is important to me too.

A good photo needs to be visually appealing, or at least not ugly. It also depends on the audience and their preferences. Overall any photo is able to make people think it’s a good photo. The biggest inspirations for my work are Jeff Wall and Andreas Gursky. They changed the way I look at photography. My proudest moments as a photographer are when I inspire people with my work. I love to encourage people to pick up a camera and try it themselves. The advice I would give them is simple and consistent: keep shooting, practice makes perfect.

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