Interview Stefan Mulderij

My style is street photography. I like sharp lines and good compositions. I do think my personal style is yet to be developed. My goal is to get better at making dark pictures, especially at night. Besides that, I try as many new things as possible to grow as a photographer. My skills at street photography grew a lot when I was in Japan. For hours and hours I was out on the streets, walking and taking pictures by myself. Brassaï, the godfather of night photography, is a big inspiration for me.

One of my proudest moments as a photographer was when I got the results from my infrared project back. The project took a lot of reading, preparation and time to finish. Good analog infrared pictures are rare.

The balance in a photo is important. For example, if the subject is boring but the lighting is amazing and if the composition is really good but the weather sucks, a picture can still be beautiful.

One advice I would give to photographers is to try out black and white analog photography. Developing photos is expensive so it forces you to think twice when taking a picture. Just have fun, don’t let somebody else tell you what to do.

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