Interview Roderick Laka

By day, I’m a creative in the advertising industry. I spend countless hours trying to find new ways for brands to connect with people. Along the way I’ve come to realize that the one thing no one can change are the times that pass by. So, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with stopping time through stills of everything.

Like a plants’ beauty before it wilts, a street filled with things that make it recognizable by those who use it so often they've become oblivious to seeing them and the faces of people in their everyday life. I’m fascinated by photos that are taken in seconds of a moment, and can result in endless conversations and emotions.

My proudest moment as a photographer has been falling in love with taking pictures all over again when I first used my film camera. The process and involvement of it all just has an indescribable feeling.

I think a photo is good when the focus is on stopping a moment in time, for others to see and feel something, rather than the technical side. If I could give advice to photographers it would be: become obsessed with taking pictures that make you feel something, rather than taking pictures just because they look beautiful.

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