Interview Peter Gordon

When shooting, I like to experiment with movement, abstraction and new things to see what would happen. I work spontaneously and take a lot of frames. I treat them almost like brushstrokes or attempts to get closer to a single picture. My photographs are an attempt at dialogue with an unknown person that might want to talk.

I don’t obsess about sharpness, precision or whether a picture follows the photographic rulebook. The only rule I follow is: does it make the picture better? Sometimes blur or confusion does. A good photo has to make you think and have something that makes viewers want to look at it again and again.

I have had no training in photography, which may be a good thing because no one has ever told me how it should be done. Most of my learning progress consisted of trying and experimenting on my own. I kept myself interested in photography by doing something different every time I picked up my camera.

One advice I would give to other photographers is to shoot a lot of photos, think about what went well, what you like and what went wrong. Give yourself feedback. Sometimes it’s where you’ve gone wrong that is the best area to explore further. Get inspired by other photographers and learn from them.

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