Interview Nicola Roggiero

My style of photography isn’t really defined. My favorite type of photography is street photography. I’m always carrying my camera around. Simple shots of a building can look stunning. I think it’s also fun to take the time and set up a picture with a model or an object.

My passion for photography started with my dad. We traveled a lot on foot and my eyes were always catching details. Taking pictures of those details was the next step. Editing my work means a lot to me. Real life isn’t that bright and giving it a little bit of color just feels better. I didn’t follow any courses on photography. General knowledge and Youtube videos led to my understanding of how to work a camera.

To me, photography is subjective.

When a photo is beautiful to me, it could be less appealing to someone else. Balanced and unique perspectives are a must have for my taste. I don’t really follow photographers to use or copy their style, but Tyler James is a big inspiration to me.

One of my proudest moments as a photographer was when my professor at school complimented my work in front of my class. I hadn’t shown my work to anyone before and he made me feel really good. My advice to other photographers would be to keep up the good work. Maybe photography won’t be your primary job or lead to success, but the art of photography isn’t something to give up on.

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