Interview Lisette Appeldorn

I love to work with the human body, using bright colors and moving them into different shapes. Photography is a way for me to present my designs and bring a feeling towards the viewer. When I’m shooting, I start working with the masks and clothes, then I combine the colors and movements to capture this in a photo.

During my studies for Product Design, I managed to study three extra courses, one of which was photography. Back then it didn’t fit me because I wasn’t able to work with my hands. It made me realize that school wasn’t the way to figure out what kind of designer I am. After my graduation, I could finally play with my different interests and develop myself as an artist.

My proudest moments as a photographer is to be recognized and join events where I’m presented as upcoming talent. Besides that, I love getting reviews by the audience, it gives me so much energy. Getting the viewer to look closer, so they can be blown away because of the details, makes a photo good. I love to work with human bodies and change them into unreal creatures. It’s a playful way to transform our bodies and get different responses by the viewer.

If I could give other photographers advice it would be: don’t be afraid of all the technical stuff you need to know about photography, just go with the flow and let the unknown do it’s work. Surprise yourself by not following the rules. Find out what your style is and try to combine different techniques. Don’t just shoot beautiful photos, try to put your signature on it.

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