Interview Tawanwad Wanavit

During my work as a cinematographer, I discovered that I’m very attracted to moving lights. I like to physically move lights while shooting my motion pictures. At some point I decided to try it with photography too. When I’m shooting on my own, I like to experiment with light. Sometimes natural lighting is good enough to make a beautiful picture, other times I use a complicated light set-up. If I have to describe myself, I would say that I’m a light explorer.

When I started to get into cinematography, I took a 101 class on photography in University. In class we mostly learned about camera settings and how to create a small personal project. It helped me a lot in my progress, but I learned the most from experimenting and mistakes. The most awesome thing about photography are the mistakes you make. They’re the true element of making something new. I would recommend everybody that loves photography, to embrace their errors.

Errors and imperfection are very essential to make photo’s organic and interesting. For example: we have a photo of a girl smiling and doing the standard peace sign pose, perfectly framed, and another photo of the same girl, right after she finished her peace sign pose while she’s in a bad mood, badly framed. Which one would be more organic? The second one, it has more life because it’s real. I would say a photo is good if it consists of natural elements and a raw edge.

My proudest moment as a photographer? I wish I had a cooler answer, but it’s when my mother was showing me off to her friends. All I really want to do with my work is making my mother proud.

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