Interview Jamie van den Heuvel

Project 180320

Jamie van den Heuvel is a 28-year-old photographer from The Netherlands. Next to being a photographer, she works as a graphic designer. Jamie enjoys museums and modern art in her free time. When she was eight years old, she met Dieneke, who was a friend of her parents. They had an instant click and created a bond through art and culture. The two became good friends and started to spend their weekends together. Their friendship grew stronger overtime and they eventually started living together. In 2020 Jamie started her graduation project: a photo series of Dieneke’s road to euthanasia.

Dieneke became sick in 2017, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of throat cancer. She instantly started chemo treatment to fight the cancer. Jamie was by her side to take care of Dieneke’s needs and for support for more than three years. After a long fight, Dieneke was cured from cancer, but she didn’t get her life back. The treatments she got were very brutal and left a lot of scars. Her throat was burned on the out and inside and she lived in continuous pain.

Dieneke’s life consisted of surviving to the point where she filed for euthanasia. In March 2020 she passed away with Jamie by her side. All the events that had occurred had a huge impact on both their lives. Now, Jamie is left with all the memories.

During the time that Dieneke was filing for euthanasia, Jamie was a photography intern for Henk Wildschut. He had encouraged her to capture the moments leading up to Dieneke’s euthanasia and share her story. The photo series became her graduation project and can be found on her website and book.

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