Interview Antoine Rose

With my work, I create tension between real and virtual, between what we think we see and what we see, between the visible and that which is hidden. From a distance my work represents abstract paintings. It’s only when you come closer, thousands of colored flecks come to life. The pieces of the puzzle come together.

When I’m shooting a new series, I photograph from a helicopter. To capture the vertical scenes that find place hundreds of meters below my feet, I step out of the cabin. Shooting can get pretty hard with all the doors removed between 90 to 3500 meters above sea, whilst trying to get a clean picture. In the end it’s always worth it though.

In 2012 my career took off all at once. My work was noticed by Emmanuel Fremin, who offered me a solo show in his New York gallery. Now, my photos are shown all over the world and are part of private and institutional collections. In 2013, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York acquired one of my pieces for the permanent collection. Currently my work can be seen in about fifteen galleries around the globe.

One advice I would give to photographers is to think outside the box and keep trying new things. It keeps the creative process going and will pay off at the end. You may end up with work you didn’t think you were capable of making.

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