Interview Grzegorz Welnicki

My style is hard to describe, however I know where it originates from. It partially stems from my interest in blackness, therefore the shadow, rather than in whiteness. During my work as a lighting technician I found out that I’m attracted to the dark. I’ve always considered placing the human being in the central focus as a crucial element of my style.

Since the beginning, my photos inclined towards the interest in a human being, with all its various aspects related. However, my photography style has always been going through different phases. Therefore, one specific type of photography doesn’t exist. My photography is a constant process and keeps evolving.

Human beings, nature and science, these three elements are my greatest inspiration. When we talk about a specific person, I would say photographer Michael Ackermann is my inspiration. I remember watching his diorama presented in a cafe inPowiśle, Warsaw, and I just started crying. At that moment, I decided to start with photography.

My proudest moment as a photographer is more a collection of moments rather than something specific. I really appreciate it when my work makes an impact on the viewer and brings change. It might be a change in the life of a protagonist with whom I created the photo or a shift in the perception of the issue I address with my photos.

A good photo is an image that evokes the diversity of interpretations. The image that moves, stirs emotions and feelings we haven’t felt for a long time or we’ve forgotten about. The one that gives us space for self-reflection. In my opinion, these are the aspects that make the photograph valuable.

If I could give advice to photographers I would say: search for yourself, be empathetic, trust your intuition and create.

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