Interview Fernando Florit

I can’t really describe my personal style. As a matter of fact, I’m still looking for the one that suits me the best. I’m afraid the day I find out, my quest will be over and I’d feel terrible. As part of my Design career, I studied photography in Havana. Afterwards, I did a few graduate studies and workshops, but the search never ends. Every day I learn something new and that keeps the thrill going.

My work is influenced by 3 muses: graphic design, painting and music. During my childhood I wanted to devote myself to painting as an adult. I started drawing at a very early age, but the world has been changing since then and I found my means of expression through photography. Once I know the basics, I let myself flow by instinct. Technology is what keeps the result away from what I’ve pictured in my head. It’s that “thing” that separates what I’ve imagined from the results. Besides that, I often try to find musical references in my work.

When people call my attention with a comment about a theme or subject I’ve photographed and they become reflective about it, I feel proud. For me, photography is a form of communication.

If I can reach a broad audience with communication, I have a huge responsibility, which I love to take on. If it touches your soul, a photo is good. It could be because of the theme, storytelling, composition, what can be seen and what can be felt when seen.

Advice I have for starting photographers: if you don't have anything important to say, please don't publish. Keep the photos as a personal exercise. The world is full enough.

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