Intervieuw Eylül Aslan

I started photography because it makes me happy. I love becoming inspired out of the blue and knowing I can capture a certain moment with my camera whenever I want. My work mainly focuses on the body, shadows and light. Themes like feminism, being fragile, free and human are often shown through my photos. I am motivated to do work that sends a message, though I do not do it on a very conscious level. My photos naturally send a message.

I was studying French Language and Literature at the University of Istanbul when I took up photography. At first it was simply expressing myself through photos because I felt like I could not be myself and show my ideas and emotions in the oppressed society I lived and grew up in. Having an online presence and seeing people enjoying what I did motivated me further to take it more seriously, so I started working as an assistant to fashion photographers.

After my graduation I moved to Berlin. I published my first photography book in 2014 and then a second one in 2015 and two years ago in 2017 my third one.Now I’ve published three photography books and use the internet to grow and find new clients and models.

To see more of Eylül's work go to her website or her instagram