Interview Alexander Jording

My personal style of photography is a mix of architecture, symmetry and people. I love to shoot in my hometown, Berlin. The streets and the traffic offer me a lot of inspiration. Besides the streets, Berlin has a very active community of influencers, who all inspire me in different ways.

Since I’m an architect, I’ve always been interested in modern architecture. For a lot of my pictures I simply use my smartphone. I discovered easy ways to find new angles and perspectives that can make a picture even better. I’m not formally educated in photography. I taught myself by using my smartphone every day.

My proudest moment as a photographer was when Apple asked me to host a workshop for smartphone photography in Berlin. To me, a picture is good when you have to look twice or longer. When you can see the deeper reason behind the picture or the idea of the photographer.

If I could give advice to other photographers, it would be to not wait around to get inspiration. Just walk around your place or city and discover what’s happening in the world. Try to find a unique perspective and use the camera you have easy access to.

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